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Selamat Datang ke AAGC2009 !

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Selamat Datang is how we say “Welcome” in Malaysia.  Selamat Datang to the official website of the AIESEC Alumni Global Conference 2009 (AAGC2009), Kuala Lumpur. 28th August - 31st August 2009.

The AIESEC Alumni Global Conference 2009 (AAGC 2009) will be arriving in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia in August 2009. This will be the global AIESEC Alumni network’s largest event of the year and will be Malaysia’s first attempt at hosting this global alumni event.

AAGC 2009 will be held side-by-side the AIESEC International Congress, AIESEC’s largest global gathering. The AIESEC International Congree in 2009 will be attended by Over 700 delegates from over 105 countries and 1100 universities.

Aimed at sharing and exchanging knowledge particularly in the areas of leadership and entrepreneurship, social and community responsibilities as well as international cooperation amongst AIESEC alumni, AAGC 2009 is focused at reaching out to AIESEC’s large international network of alumni in 105 countries.

The theme of the conference, Knowledge and Friendships underscores the importance of knowledge as a key enabler for the alumni to share resources and exchange ideas on how to make our communities better while friendships represent the shared values and life long relationships that AIESEC has given its members and alumni throughout the world.

AAGC 2009 attempts to provide a platform for AIESEC Alumni to build a network of leaders and entrepreneurs who will work together in partnerships for businesses, social and community programmes.

The global conference is organised and hosted by AIESEC Alumni Malaysia (AAM), the alumni network for former AIESEC members in Malaysia. The Association was officially registered in 2004 but has been actively involved in community-related and Alumni networking activities since 1998. AAGC 2009 will be a key milestone of the Association’s effort to create an international platform for members to network and contribute to AIESEC.

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